Complete Sounds System Upgrade for the Ford Wyoming Center Area

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Casper's Ford Wyoming Center recently completed a cutting-edge sound system upgrade, blending tradition with innovation to deliver an immersive audio experience in its 11,000-capacity arena.
Ford Wyoming Center
Installation & Integration
July 1, 2023

About the Project

Revitalizing Sonic Excellence for a Premier Arena Experience

Nestled in the heart of Casper, Wyoming, the Ford Wyoming Center has recently undergone a remarkable sound system upgrade, marking a new era of sonic excellence within its walls. Completed in July 2023, this project was a comprehensive endeavor aimed at delivering an unparalleled audio experience for the diverse range of events hosted at this iconic multi-purpose arena.

Scope of the Upgrade:

The core of this transformation involved a meticulous overhaul of the audio infrastructure, with a focus on enhancing every facet of the sound delivery. The upgrade involved the redesign and installation of new amplifiers, racks, and head-end systems, ensuring a modern, cutting-edge setup that aligns with the Ford Wyoming Center's commitment to delivering top-tier experiences.

State-of-the-Art Audio Components:

The heart of the new sound system beats with EAW, a renowned name in the audio industry. EAW speakers, strategically positioned throughout the expansive arena, deliver pristine sound quality, enveloping the 11,000-capacity space with immersive audio.

For seamless control and optimization, the installation includes Symetrix Control and initial DSP, ensuring that every note, announcement, and cheer resonates with clarity. Powersoft Amps and speaker DSP further contribute to the technical prowess, enhancing the overall audio fidelity within the arena.

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A Blend of Tradition and Innovation:

While some of the original install systems were retained, the majority underwent a transformative renewal. This strategic blend of tradition and innovation ensures a harmonious integration of proven reliability with cutting-edge technology, catering to the diverse needs of the Ford Wyoming Center's dynamic event calendar.

Manufacturer Recognition:

The installation boasts products from EAW, a leading manufacturer in the audio industry, adding an extra layer of prestige to the project. The significance of this upgrade is highlighted by an upcoming press release from EAW, underlining the technological advancements and commitment to sonic excellence achieved at the Ford Wyoming Center.

Arena Overview:

The Ford Wyoming Center stands as a versatile hub for entertainment, with a seating capacity of 8,395 for ice hockey and indoor football, 8,842 for basketball, and up to 9,700 for concerts. Built in April 1982, this arena has been a cornerstone of the Casper community, hosting a myriad of events over the years.


The completion of this sound system upgrade at the Ford Wyoming Center marks a significant milestone in elevating the audio experience for patrons and performers alike. It is a testament to the commitment of the arena to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that every event is not just seen but heard with unparalleled clarity and precision. As the echoes of cheers and music fill the renewed arena, the Ford Wyoming Center stands ready to continue its legacy as a premier destination for diverse and memorable events.

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