Transformative Sound Upgrade at Colorado’s St Andrew Methodist Church

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Transformed the sound quality and the overall experience of the congregation with new equipment installation.
St Andrew Methodist Church
Installation & Integration
July 21, 2023

Project Showcase: St Andrew Methodist Church Upgrades with TW AUDiO ELLA

Equalized Productions is proud to spotlight the successful completion of a transformative project at Colorado’s St Andrew United Methodist Church. Facing the challenge of evolving worship styles and the limitations of an outdated sound system designed for traditional sermons, the church sought a solution that would not only enhance audio quality but elevate the entire worship experience. The integration of TW AUDiO ELLA line arrays has redefined worship soundscapes for St. Andrew Methodist Church.

"When the time came for Colorado’s St Andrew United Methodist Church to evaluate the effectiveness of its installed sound system, it encountered a problem that will be familiar to houses of worship all over the world."

Said Mondo DR's press release.

Prosoundweb also commented on the project stating:

"A new sound reinforcement system at the sanctuary of St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Highlands Ranch, CO that’s designed to fully embrace musical celebration, including live performances and playback, utilizes TW AUDiO ELLA line arrays and supporting components implemented by regional systems integrator Equalized Productions."

Challenges Met with Innovation:

The primary objective was clear—to bring the aging system in line with modern worship standards and elevate the overall quality of worship production. This entailed a comprehensive assessment of the existing setup and the incorporation of cutting-edge solutions to meet the church's evolving needs.

"Crucially, the new system needed to deliver unsurpassed audio quality and flexibility without requiring any major construction changes to the church itself – a challenge that was given to leading regional systems integrator Equalized Productions."

Said Mondo DR's press release.

Equalized Productions rose to the challenge, understanding the church's goal to modernize its worship standards and improve the quality of all aspects of worship production. Working closely with TW AUDiO, a solution was crafted to seamlessly blend with the church's inspirational architectural design.

As stated by ProSoundWeb article,

"The church’s goal was to bring their aging system forward to meet modern worship standards as well as improve on the quality of all aspects of worship production."

Equalized Productions answered this call by not just upgrading the sound system but by creating an immersive audio environment that aligns seamlessly with the evolving worship styles.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Spaces:

"The worship space is entirely asymmetrical, requiring a design that featured different deployment left to right but which still sonically matched."

Said Mondo DR's press release.

Equalized Productions collaborated with TW AUDiO to create a bespoke system design, featuring two hangs of eight cardioid ELLA6 elements per side, a single M8 for side-fill, and a cardioid subwoofer center-hang. The careful planning and implementation resulted in even coverage side to side and front to back, overcoming the challenges posed by the room's irregular shape.

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Architectural Harmony:

In a space as inspirational as St Andrew UMC, preserving the architectural integrity was paramount. Equalized Productions, in collaboration with TW AUDiO, ensured that the new sound system not only met auditory standards but also blended effortlessly with the church's inspirational architectural design.

Technical Precision for Acoustic Excellence:

The sanctuary presented unique challenges, from the absence of acoustic treatment to the asymmetrical layout. To counter this, Equalized Productions implemented a cardioid line array solution, offering exceptional dispersion control and coverage for both the choir and the congregation.

Crafting a bespoke solution that surpassed expectations, Equalized Productions, guided by TW AUDiO's expertise, ensured a color-matched system that seamlessly integrates into the sanctuary. The result—a unified visual and auditory experience that exceeded anticipated improvements in sound quality.

As stated in the ProSoundWeb article,

“The new system is nothing short of amazing – it hits every seat in the church evenly and clearly. The seams between the arrays and the fill speaker are non-existent, and the sonic quality of the entire room has jumped drastically, well beyond what we even expected in the design phase."

Leadership and Congregational Delight:

The completed solution comprises two hangs of eight cardioid ELLA6 elements per side, addressing the room’s irregular shape. The addition of a single M8 for side-fill and a cardioid subwoofer center-hang of one S32i completed the technical overhaul. Most importantly, the church leadership is described as 'ecstatic’.

Equalized Productions is honored to have partnered with St. Andrew United Methodist Church in this transformative project. The successful implementation of TW AUDiO ELLA line arrays reflects our commitment to delivering unparalleled audiovisual solutions for houses of worship.

You can read the full press release article's here:

Mondo DR


You can learn more about TW AUDiO here.

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