Installation & Integration

Installations & Integration

Welcome to Equalized Productions, your go-to hub for audio and video installations and integration. With a legacy dating back to 1999, our team has consistently surpassed expectations for commercial clients, offering forward-thinking solutions across various industries.

Equalized Productions excels in the seamless setup and incorporation of audio and visual equipment for events. Our comprehensive service includes equipment setup, wiring, connectivity, AV system integration, calibration, and testing. This technical process ensures flawless events where sound and visual effects captivate the audience.

  • Commercial Audio and Video Systems: Specializing in the installation and integration of AV systems for commercial spaces, Equalized Productions breaks boundaries in audio and video applications. From houses of worship and schools to corporate offices, apartment complexes, public spaces, and digital signage/video walls, our solutions inspire, educate, communicate, captivate, and soothe diverse audiences.
  • Design: The strategic planning and layout of audio and video components in the event space are critical aspects of our service. Our design process involves a needs assessment, system design considering room size and acoustics, equipment selection, wiring and infrastructure planning, integration of all components, and testing and calibration. Design is key to ensuring all equipment works seamlessly together in the designated space for the event.
  • Consultation: For installations and integrations, an on-site consultation is mandatory. This ensures our team gathers all essential information for equipment selection and setup. Factors such as room size, acoustics, lighting, and audience needs are considered to guarantee the success of your event. Without a consultation, we won't be adequately prepared to set up your event for success.

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